Glass lift-lift Manufacturers in kerala

Glass lift

The experience which Atlas achieved over the past years has enabled it to explore latest form of elevator manufacturing. A glass lift is an unique product in which all the 4 sides of the cabin will be surrounded with the glass. Also the wall of the shaft will also be made of glass which provides a unique experience to the customer inside the cabin. A glass lift can bring benefits to a business, creating a design aesthetic for hotels, multi storey office blocks and other establishments.

Another upside or advantage is the design of the glass lift which in itself is an amazing feature. They can create a design style, with a minimalistic and sleek appearance.

Whether it is a more traditional styled building or a modern property, a glass lift can fit in anywhere, as its transparent material blends in, becoming part of any architecture. Not only is the cabin unintrusive, but with many glass lifts you can see the mechanism of the lift, which offers more of an intriguing and exciting journey for the occupant. A glass lift can even be a thing of luxury, giving an exclusive VIP feel.

Attracting daylight into a building can be a big mood booster, with much research backing this up. It has been shown that more daylight can affect our mental and physical health as well as putting occupants in a great mood, which can make for an encouraging start to the day. Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference, allowing your guests to step into a bright and airy glass lift rather than the darker, metallic ones could be the boost to securing a happy visitor or staff member.

A lift which doesn't need artificial lighting naturally uses less electricity, and while any lift needs power to operate, it is not necessary to keep the lights switched on in a glass lift all day. Not only does the amount of light coming into the lift improve occupant's mood whilst providing an easy way to get from floor to floor, it can also save businesses money in the long run and create a better carbon footprint overall.

Within business, customer experience is everything, from the moment they step in the building to the moment they sit in reception, with the journey to another floor being no exception. A glass lift supplies customers with a true experience, boosting their mood and setting the standard for the rest of their stay.