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Passenger Elevators

Passenger lifts are designed to suit every construction requirement, with trouble free performance. The Lift Control System can be of Car Switch or Automatic Type. The Car switch type is for operation by an attendant, whereas the Automatic type comprises of feather touch buttons at each landing which call the lift car and a series of buttons in the car which correspond to the floors to be served and operated by the passengers using the lift

These elevators are intended for use in residential apartments, hotels, banks and similar applications, where the ease of use by individuals is important. This range is available in different colour schemes

Moreover it is now only available with variable voltage, variable frequency drive systems as options enabling perfect leveling and energy efficiency. The concern for entrapping passengers requires all elevatorS "to have communication connection to an outside 24 hour emergency service, Automatic recall capability in a fire emerge, Emergency exit and special access for fire department use in a fire.

Classification of passengers lift

A - Passenger lift with machine room

In passenger elevator with machine room we mainly uses geared machines. We use percision mode geared traction machine. We use precision made geared traction machines to serve the lift industry. These machines use AC induction Motor and Worm Wheel Reduction Gear Box. These Machines are made for Long life and durability. The High Quality Lubricant is used to increase the Life of the Machine. These Geared Machines are used for speeds upto 2.0 mps and for height of upto 80 meters.

  • Compact mono block machine
  • Low vibration and voice level
  • Efficient electromagnetic brake system
  • High static load capacity
  • High torque and powerful driving force
  • Low power loss and low power consumption

B - Passenger lift without machine room (MRL lift)

In passenger elevator with no machine room a gearless machines is used. And the gearless machine will be house inside the shaft. We use precision made High Torque Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor gearless traction machines. These Machines are highly efficient and consumes less Power as compared to Geared machines. As there is no Reduction gearbox, the machine ensures high efficiency. These machines are Sealed for life and do not require Oil Change. These machines also provide a smooth ride for the passengers as there is low noise and vibrations as compared to a geared machine. Most of the time the gearless machine is fitted with 2:1 roping which reduces the Kilowatt rating of the Machine required for carrying certain amount of load resulting in better efficiency These Machines save upto 30% power as compared to geared Machine. This Machine can be used for Machine Roomless applications. These Machines are used for low as well as for high speed application. All high rise, high speed elevators use gearless machines.

  • It cut down power and energy consumption
  • It cut down noise emission
  • Improve leveling
  • Less maintenance
  • No oil leakage and do not require lubrication
  • Compact size

Customization available for elevator doors.

1 - Half vision door panels

Is a kind of door panel in which a cutt out will be created in the door as per the recquired shape prefered by the customer and the cutt out region will be filled with glass so that the passenger in the cabin can see through it

2 - Full glass doors

ATLAS has adopted technology to manufacture passanger lift with full glass doors. Tn this type of elevator the cabin Interior will be completely visible fro outside. This provides a whole new experience for the passenger inside

3 - Manual side opening lift with IFG doors

Manual side opening doors with recquired car opening is also provided as per the recquired customer needs. These side opening can do be done in SS or MS sheet in recquired color & texture.

Interior Panel Customization

1 - Passenger lift with fully Stanless steel cabin

2 - Passenger lift with fully M.S powder coated cabin

3 - Passenger lift with customizable panel as per requirement of client


Person Kg (m/p/s) Width Depth Width Depth Car Opening Telescopic side Opening Width Depth Depth Height
4 272 0.5 to 2.5 1600 1400 1100 700 700 700/800 2600 3400 1350 to 2500 4000 to 4500
6 408 0.5 to 2.5 1600 1600 1100 1000 700 700/800 2600 3600 1350 to 2500 4000 to 4500
8 408 0.5 to 2.5 1800 1700 1300 1100 800 800/900 2800 3700 1350 to 2500 4000 to 4500
10 680 0.5 to 2.5 1800 2000 1300 1350 800 800/900 2800 4000 1350 to 2500 4000 to 4500
13 884 0.5 to 2.5 2500 1700 2000 1100 900 900/1000 3500 3700 1350 to 2500 4000 to 4500